I’d like to thank you today, tomorrow and…

-September 19th is National Thank A Police Officer Day!-

I’d like to thank you today though because you need to hear it today. And I’m grateful for all you did today. I’d like to thank you tomorrow too. I’d like you to be around for that (me too, for that matter) and I’d like to do it in person but if not, a blog post is a good way too.

And officer, have a great day!

We will be heard too

Just as there are negative voices whining and crying about the police….there are the voices of those who love and care for the men and women of Law Enforcement.

We have something to say too….


We will not give up.

We will not lose hope.

We will not let our support wane.

We will not be quiet about how we feel towards the men and women of Law Enforcement.

We will be there for you.

We will fill our thoughts and prayers with your names for your safety.

We will have success in reaching others with our message about Law Enforcement.

We will make a difference for Law Enforcement in our communities.

We will stand with you through difficult times.

We, Law Enforcement supporters, will listen to you with open hearts and minds and we will hear you.

We will remind you of these things from time to time.

This bears repeating…

“It is the responsibility of each of us to hear their cries, witness their tears, share their grief, but perhaps more importantly, we must realize that these losses suffered are worthy of our closest scrutinies and undivided attentions….The sacrifices of our honored dead should sound alarms throughout our society, and we as a people should take the offense of the killing of our protectors with the same indignation felt by the closest relation to these officers. They have displayed for us the greatest of all loves, and deserve that we display to them the highest of all honors; our resolve.” ( by Countybear at Officerresource.com; used with permission.)

Remembering one deputy and all others

Twelve years ago on March 7, a deputy from Adams County was murdered. He had been at the sheriff’s department talking about cars with another deputy. He could have gone home prior to the call because he wasn’t on duty (just in court that morning) but chose to stay and thus responded to a call because people who were afraid for their lives asked for help. He did not refuse their plea.

Michael Shannon, from what people have said, was a unique individual. He had a strange sense of humor and loved to make people laugh. He took great pride in being a police officer no matter what agency he worked for. He seemed to be sports oriented because he liked snowmobiles, cars and hunting. He even took time to take an interest in those he arrested. One of them showed up at his funeral and was found sitting by himself, crying. Deputy Shannon had that kind of impact.

I can’t imagine how anyone could even come close to even thinking of harming an officer much less take his life. If we only got to know these people in uniform, we would see just a regular person doing a job most of us would not last in for an hour, but they do it because to them it’s a calling. Many of my friends on my list have a connection to Law Enforcement.

I post items related to the police because I believe very strongly that an officer’s soul is a very precious thing and not to be given up lightly. Their souls and lives matter just as much as mine, more so really. We will not get back those who gave their lives but we can make a difference by doing some simple things such as praying for those who are currently serving, obeying the laws of the land (whether we agree with them or not) and recognizing the importance God placed on them.

We can even give back a little something for all the things they do that we take for granted. We can say hello. If you’re not into hugs, a handshake will do. We can show respect for them whenever we have contact with them. (Did you know that sometimes they’re not thrilled about the ticket either?)

I post police related items for my friends to remind them that they are important, that they matter to me and to others, and for that reason, they need to be on guard and watchful to make sure they are safe.

This week family and friends are remembering Michael Shannon and the wonderful things they miss about him. I think it’s also important to honor the police officers here in our county that may need reminding just how much we care about them and our gratitude for all the effort they put in to keeping us safe and giving us a sense of security. We thank you for the willingness to be put in harm’s way just for people like us.

Thank you officer.

Update: Please support this officer and his family

I support Officer Grant Morrison 

Now that’s a classy move….keep it up folks

Re-posted from A Critter’s Haven…

I’m not going to give the pea-brained, diaper-wearing, attention seekers any more publicity than they already have so I’ll just say that somewhere in the north-east there are a few hundred angry people who want the names of those that chained themselves to cement-filled drums and blocked an important interstate.

A few reasons why it might not be a good idea to play protester on the road…

– Asthma attacks. Sometimes they’re life-threatening.

– Heart attacks. They happen without warning.

– Family who need to check on the welfare of other family members.

– Medical urgency that has now turned into a medical emergency with access blocked by diaper-wearing, selfish thugs.

– Medication times are given for a reason and need to be strictly followed. It’s also called needless suffering.

– Children. They have many needs.

– Not all people are liberals.

– People carry weapons in their vehicles…

– Drug. induuced. dwiving. It happens.

– Not all vehicles can stop suddenly or want to.

– Did you tell all your friends and family that you were planning on playing on the interstate today just in case they are among the traffic you’re blocking? I’m sure they’ll remember you at Christmas time.

– Road rage…directed solely at you.

– Numerous medical reasons which you have no clue of…

– It could be your family in that ambulance you’re holding up.

– It’s heartless, cruel and completely selfish.

To talk show hosts with a view that have open mouths and closed hearts

Please explain what qualifies you most to begin to offer an opinion on how an officer should conduct any interaction between an unknown member of the public and the officer?

How many years of police training do you have?

How many years of training in surgery do you have that would qualify you to offer an opinion on how a surgeon should conduct surgery on precious life knowing that it will affect the outcome of the patient, the surgeon and how the public interacts with surgeons in the future?

Please explain what qualifies you to offer any expertise in the area of medical science.

How many friends do you have who have had peaceful interaction with criminals just by reasoning with them?

How much experience do you have in handling people intent on using a knife?

Explain your insight into criminal behavior and how many years you’ve spent interacting with criminals.

How often do your neighbors, friends and co-workers call you when they feel threatened or in fear for their safety?

How often do you prevent people from committing crime?

How fast and safely can you respond to an emergency at any given time of the day or night?

Have you taken any training in handling emergency scenarios ?

How well do you think you would do in handling emergency scenarios?

Do you think the public would have confidence in your ability to handle emergencies?

What qualifies you to critique police interactions with the public?

Would you feel as confident if someone felt the same way with surgeons, dentists, lawyers as you do with police officers?

Have you ever given a thought as to how difficult it is to respond to difficult people? (TV shows/Movies don’t count.)

Would you want the job of an officer today?

Of the 20,000 police officers on the Officer Down Memorial Page, how many do you suppose could have been saved if they had just done what you think they should have done?

Of the 20, 000 police officers on the Officer Down Memorial Page, which of them did not deserve respect, obedience, and the right to go home to family?

Peace, happiness and warmth

Dear Officer and family,

You are so richly deserving of all things good and right. We hope that the year 2015 is a year filled with peace, safety, warmth and love. You deserve so much more than we can give you.

Thank you for being there for us.


Here’s what they know…

I was forced against my will and all that is good to listen to the “view.”

Here’s just some of what they know based on their “years of experience in Law Enforcement” and “dealing with criminals in their environment”…(paraphrased in bold)

‘We need to teach police officers different tactics so the bad guys don’t get hurt.’ No word on who should do the teaching, what tactics are acceptable to them and what level of force, if any, they know would need to be used, but there has to be a better way to treat the bad guys, a.k.a., rapists, child molesters, school shooters, child killers, knife assaults, etc, there just has to be….according to the experts on the view.

‘If a person is just standing there, then the officer can simply write them a ticket for selling illegal items.’ Apparently they didn’t see that one episode of Cops. Assuming he doesn’t run because everyone knows people who break the law nearly always wait around when they see an officer approach hoping they will get lucky and the officer will let them off with a warning.

‘If there is no violence at the beginning of an encounter then there won’t be at the end of an encounter.’ One too many Disney movies. All criminals have good intentions throughout their interaction with the police. It is only after the officer makes a mistake that the criminal will use any sort of resistance, or make that, demonstration of frustration. This is known as the “bad guy switch” where the bad guy becomes the good guy and the good guy is then the bad guy. Have they ever been to the ODMP?

‘Criminals respond nicely to good police officers who are nice to them.’  Again, have they ever read the memorials on the ODMP? There are thousands of good officers on that page. Some of them were ambushed with no time to react or defend themselves. Tell me how, if officers are good to criminals,  do they end up still being murdered?

‘Criminals would happily stand and wait for the officer to write them a ticket that may cost them hundreds of dollars.’ Definitely.

‘Criminals never escalate their violent tendencies.’  Well, obviously. Criminals are not violent until someone is mean to them or assumes they are a criminal and treats them meanly. Crime reports, crime scene photos sometimes tell a different story.

‘Criminals have respect for authority and thus for the badge and uniform.’ Criminals have no respect for anything. It doesn’t matter who is saying that what they are doing is wrong, that person then automatically becomes the enemy.


Is it possible to actually be this lacking in knowledge, common sense, and wisdom and actually feel good about it? Truly, if your view is better and you know that the current way is harming people, don’t you have a responsibility to make your “wiser” ways known to all the world?


*crickets chirping*

Humanizing the Badge

Humanizing the Badge because Police lives matter too!Please take a look at their blog and show them your support.


Dear Officer, I See You.

Humanizing The Badge

Dear Officer,

I want you to know that I see you.  I see you choose the booth in the restaurant that allows you to have your back against the wall.  I see you walking to your next traffic stop while you hope that it isn’t your last.  I see you pulled over, two hours past your shift, as you finish your reports under a street light.  I see you as you direct traffic in the scorching heat, the gusting snow, and the downpour of rain.  I see you being filmed every time you try to do your job.   I see you as you watch mainstream media crucify your character while minimizing your cause.  I see that you are tired.  I see that you are frustrated and misunderstood.   I see that you are hurting as the world watches you bury your brothers and sisters that died because they were…

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Your life matters to us!

Dear Officer,

First let me thank you for choosing this profession where you put yourself in harms way in order to protect us from the wolves of this world. Then let me thank you for making yourself available to me and my loved ones in those times when we need someone who is willing and able to get help to us. Thank you for enduring training that is difficult and taxing just so you can bring the best aid that we have available to us in this day and age.

Let me offer my hand in friendship, my arms in comfort and my prayers to God as a way to make some kind of difference in your life. I owe you a debt that cannot be paid. Please allow me to do a few small things that will bring a smile to your face, it makes me feel as though I’ve broken through the evil you face every day.

Let me say that I’m sorry that you have to endure the taunting, violence, hatred that would sicken most reasonable people yet you stand there taking it as a soldier would, knowing that you are preventing people from being harmed. They call it rioting but it is all-out rebellion against all that is good and reasonable.

Dear officer, if I could have a moment of your time to tell you that your life matters to us and if you could take a moment to let that sink in and remember that during all the times when others tell you something different. Your life, service, and the things you hold dear matter to God, who gave the sheep a way to be protected from the wolves of this world. Your life matters. There is no debate about that. That matter has been settled in God’s word.

Let me thank you for standing with your Fallen brothers and sisters in blue. Thank you for being there at their final resting place. We can’t be there to mourn every Fallen Officer but we weep with you. Our hearts are heavy along with the families. We lost valuable lives that could have helped us, that could have been our friend.

Dear officer, be safe and come back home to your family and your community. Your life matters to us.

Police lives matter.

This is not up for debate. That has already been settled. My friends, dear friends and the people I love have the God-given right to defend themselves and preserve life.

Worried about breathing? It starts with the idea of not committing crime. Don’t break into someone’s house, don’t try to rob someone on the street, don’t carjack anyone, don’t commit any crime whatsoever. It’s healthy. It’s quick. And doesn’t cost any money upfront. What could be simpler?

Try it for a month and see if it doesn’t have an impact on your well-being.

Like ants running up a brick wall

Protesters, avoiding the truth, act much like ants running up a brick wall (called truth). It stands in their way. They see it. They know it’s there and they take great effort to avoid it. They will go around it, over it, even search for the easiest way from it.

It will still be there even if it’s behind them or even if they never return to it. There are other brick walls (truths) they will encounter; some bigger, some deeper, some may take more time and effort to get around but the ants (and the protesters) are determined not to be deterred to get to their destination of finding what they want.

That’s the closest I can come to an analogy of the way the protesters around the country seem to me. I am at a loss for words…

For those wanting to make a difference and show our Law Enforcement officers that there are many good people that support them, take the time to send a card or take them some treat, such as candy, popcorn or cookies.  Let’s show our strength and love.

Reality on the Ground

Dissonant Winston Smith

longform-original-7455-1416935902-24Tuesday night was a little tense with more attempts at violence, particularly in front of City Hall.  However, when compared with Monday, the violence simmered quickly and everything that has happened since then has been remarkably limited in scope.  There are many who speculate that the presence of 2200 National Guardsman has curtailed the violence and there is probably more than a little truth to that.

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